About Me

Wes and his 2006 Impala SS with LS4 V8 EngineHello everybody, my name is Wesley (Wes) Dean and I'm a 2006 Impala SS owner.  I live in Utica, NY which is in the geographic center of New York State.  

I purchased my Impala in fall 2005 -- I was the second person in my city to purchase the new Impala and I couldn't be happier.  I thought the car looked fresh and clean and I was impressed by the features that I had researched online.  All of that changed when I stood behind the car as the salesperson cold-started the engine.  I had been wearing my poker face through the whole process up to this point.  It was Awesome!

After a few months, I just had to start modifying the car.  I started with a K&N® air filter.  A few months later, I purchased a DiabloSport® Predator® tuner.  I was hooked! The only thing was that I had a really hard time finding aftermarket parts for my car.  The industry, it seems, wasn't too interested in designing parts for a front wheel drive mid-size with a transverse-mounted LS4 5.3L / 325ci V8 engine, especially with the fifth-generation Camaro becoming a reality.

Wanting more -- much more -- I started searching for forums and blogs from like-minded enthusiasts.  There's a community out there that really loves these cars and are doing some amazing things with them.  There are folks out there putting LS4 engines into Fieros, folks adding turbochargers and adding hundreds of horsepower to their engines, folks putting on some great heads and awesome cams and building some awesome naturally-aspirated power.  The coolest thing is that nobody -- nobody -- expects these grocery-getting sleepers to perform like they do.  

I'm an enthusiast and I appreciate the hard work and creativity that these folks (who know a lot more than I do) put into their LS4s.  My area of expertise is in software development; I'm not an automotive engineer or a professional mechanic.  I'm hoping that this web site is able to serve as a tool for folks who want to get more out of their LS4 engines, regardless of mechanical ability or experience.