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Contact Me!
If you've a story about something you did to your LS4 or if you've some pictures of your ride, please drop me an email or message me on the GMLS4 Forum at:
You're also welcome to email me here on the site at:
  • wes (at) ls4store (dot) com
Replace the (at) with an @ symbol and the (dot) with a . symbol and you'll be good to go.

Update: I've been absolutely flooded with emails and questions. It's truly amazing how many LS4 owners are in the community! Unfortunately, I've fallen way, way behind in getting back to people.

Please head over to and post a message -- there are loads of awesome people who, in all probability, have far better answers than I do.

Also, I've put together a list of the questions I often receive and their respective answers; it's on the site here on the LS4 FAQs page.