Badges / Debadging

GM includes a variety of badges on our LS4 W-Bodies.  These are typically attached through an adhesive -- they're like plastic stickers glued to the body.  Fortunately, they're attached as one of the last parts of the finishing of the car, so the paint / finish below the badges is typically in good shape; so, if you remove the badges, the car can look pretty sharp.

I, personally, prefer a less cluttered appearance.

Before debadging:
Front before debadging
trunk before debadging

After debadging:
front after debadging

trunk after debadging

To remove the badges, I used three simple tools -- a hairdryer, some thin fishing line, and some Goo Gone Spray Gel®.  I used the hairdryer to heat the badges up, I worked the fishing line behind the badges, and, once the badge came off, I used the Goo-Gone to remove the leftover adhesive.  The leftover adhesive removal involved some work and I wound up giving myself blisters on my fingers, so you'll probably want to use gloves to limit that negative side-effect.

I also purchased two of the door-sized SS badges as they're a little bit larger than the original trunk badge.  I replaced the trunk SS with a larger door SS badge, and I replaced the Bowtie on the front grille with a door SS badge (a nod to the SSs of the '60s and '70s).

OEM Chevrolet Emblems:

OEM Pontiac Emblems:

OEM Buick Emblems: