Books / Manuals

Personally, whenever I'm thinking of doing a project, the first step I take is to get a book on the topic and read through it. Granted, most of the books that I own aren't car-related, but I do find it very helpful to be able to sit down and read on the topic before I pick up any tools.  For example, when my starter died, I thought I was prepared to get the two mounting bolts out; had it not been for the book, I wouldn't have known that I needed a universal joint in order to reach the bolts.  

LS4-specific repair manuals

These books are repair manuals for our LS4 cars.  They don't go into modification or performance, but they do help you out when something breaks or you need to put something back together.

Haynes Repair Manual for Impalas and Monte Carlos 2006+ (

GM LS-Series-specific books

These books aren't about LS4s in particular, but they do discuss the LS-series family of engines.

How to Build and Modify GM LS-Series Engines by Joseph Potak (

Books by Carroll Smith

These books are dated--Carroll Smith wrote Prepare to Win back in 1975--and they're written for race folks working on race cars, but the principles are the same.  These books are dense with a LOT of information, but the author (Carroll Smith) is sprinkles quite a bit of humor as well.

Generic books

These books aren't specific to LS4s or even LS-Series cars, but they're good reads for those wanting to learn more.