There were several tools that I needed for the various projects described on this web site that were slightly difficult to find, especially in the small city that I live in.  Should you have difficulty finding the tools referenced on this web site in your local market, here are links that may assist you in acquiring the tools online.

Torque Wrenches:
Note this torque wrench was used for torquing spark plugs
Note that some torque wrenches may become inaccurate when torquing to fewer than 15 foot-pounds

Note this torque wrench was used for most applications; I use this one the most, by far

Note this torque wrench was used with a 1/2" drive, 3/4" socket for torquing lug nuts

Sockets, Extensions, and Universal Joints:

Note this socket set comes with 3" and 6" extensions, a ratchet, and a universal joint
Note this is a single socket; it works well for loosening / tightening lug nuts

SK 33302 2 Piece 3/8-Inch Drive 5/8-Inch and 11/16-Inch Swivel Spark Plug Socket Set
Note these sockets work well for handling spark plugs