Transmission Cooler

Hayden OC1404 Transmission Cooler
A transmission cooler is basically a supplemental heat exchanger that is located between the transmission and the transmission fluid / transmission oil reservoir.  A transmission cooler helps cool the transmission fluid.  

As my Impala SS does not display transmission oil temperatures, I can't report the first-hand differences in the transmission oil temperatures; however, Pontiac Grand Prix GXP owners who I've researched noticed a significant temperature reduction through the use of a Transmission Cooler.  Since T465E transmissions may be prone to failure, it's especially important to keep the transmission fluid as cool as possible.   

In fact, the box of the Hayden® Transaver® OC-1404 that I installed in my Impala SS had a graphic showing the effects of transmission fluid / transmission oil on the transmission life expectancy:

Transmission oil temperature vs. Transmission life expectancy

Note above image used with permission from Hayden Automotive's web site

Based on my research, I purchased the Hayden OC-1404 Transmission Cooler.  I don't have any pictures of the installation of my transmission cooler; however, you can check out 7PSI's excellent write-up on installing a Hayden OC-1404 Transmission Cooler on an LS4 W-Body (with lots of pictures!)

Transmission Oil Cooler: